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Welcome to the tenant portal, where you can access your account information 24 hours a day. 


An outline of the portal tabs:


MY ACCOUNT - This is your default "home page". This tab gives you a snapshot of your account information including personal information, rent amount, security deposit held, and service requests.  


MY RENTAL - This is where you can find a copy of your entire tenant ledger. This shows charges and payments from the time you moved in. It also shows your lease start and end dates. 


MY PAYMENTS - Don't want to mail your payment or worry about getting a money order? Our online payment tab allows you to pay online with an electronic check while keeping a record of your payment history. All you need is your checking account and routing number to set up payments. You have two options; you can manually submit 1-time payments or set up reoccurring payments to automatically pay rent on the day of the month you prefer. This is the easiest way to ensure your rent payment gets received on time.   


SERVICE REQUEST- This tab is highly recommended to be used for non-emergency service requests. What is great about this tab, is once the service request is submitted it is automatically pushed into our pending service requests for completion. Work orders can be submitted 24 hours a day online and are promptly seen by maintenance. Please do not forget to be as detailed as possible when describing what needs attention in your home.     


DOCUMENTS - If there are ever any documents we need to share; this is where you will find them 


INSURANCE- This shows your renter's insurance policy we currently have on file. If you have updated or changed your policy, please be sure to provide us a copy of your updated insurance policy.   


You will notice that your account information updates in real time, for the most accurate user experience.